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Who is Centennial Cosmetic Corp?

Centennial is a unique personal care product manufacturer that has the ability to take your innovative ideas and rapidly create consumer-ready products of the highest possible quality. Through advanced scientific research, keen perception of current and future fashion & market trends, high speed product development & fulfillment, we can turn your vision into a reality. We call this process our Express Product Development Program (EPD).


What Does Centennial Offer?

  • Pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients 

  • Ultra premium stock formulas and advanced custom formulation ability 

  • Claims substantiated by third party clinical trials 

  • Marketing assistance 

  • Supply chain support 

  • Distribution opportunities 

  • Low minimums 

  • Paraben-free formulas available 

Whether you are building a brand for your skincare practice, mass retail, salon/spa, high-end department stores, shopping channels or infomercials, our team of scientists, production coordinators, and supply chain specialists can help. A comprehensive understanding of marketing opportunities from our strategic alliances with top dermatologists, nutritionists, celebrities, media, hairstylists, makeup artists and shopping channels gives Centennial the ability to develop, manufacture and deploy product lines to meet each client's goals.

Centennials' philosophy is to use only the finest ingredients in the most effective amounts to produce visible and long-term results.

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